Project Progress

A. Preparatory actions

Design and operational procedures 100%

B. Implementation actions

Realization and installation of the lipids recovery unit and lipids conversion unit 40%
Demonstration of the process and of the pilot plant 10%
Evaluation of properties of bio-lubricants 40%
Sustainability, Replicability and business planning 10%

C. Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

Monitoring of project impacts 10%

D. Public awareness and dissemination of results

Dissemination planning and execution 50%

E. Project management

Project management and coordination 50%


PROJECT TITLE: Biolubricants from urban sewage sludge
START DATE: 01/09/2021
END DATE: 31/08/2024
EU CONTRIBUTION: 1,352,049 Euro

With the contribution of the LIFE Programme of the European Union.
LIFE20 ENV/IT/000452