The Consortium

LIFE BioLubridge’s team consists of 5 partners distributed in EU

All partners contribute actively to the project, ensuring the flow of ideas and projects results to the wider community

Project Coordinator

VITONE ECO has a consolidated experience in designing and realizing equipment and new technological solutions for extracting oil and juices from greens, as well as in waste recycling, sludge dewatering and wastewater treatment in general. In LIFE-BioLubridge, VITONE ECO will be the coordinator and will design, build, install and run the part of the pilot plant dedicated to the recovery of lipids from sewage sludge and final processing of residual sludge to be reduced and disposed of.

CNR-IRSA (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Istituto Ricerca Sulle Acque) is a public
research centre involved in developing new technologies for the sustainable treatment of urban sewage sludge. Recently, a solvent-free technology through which lipids can be recovered from sewage sludge has been developed, whose principle is on the base of the present project. In this  project, CNR-IRSA will support VITONE ECO and CERATEC in designing and run the pilot plant. In addition, analytical determinations will be conducted on residues in order to fully assess the environmental impact of the technology.

AQP (Acquedotto Pugliese SpA) is a leading Italian operator of the water cycle management, which covers 254 municipalities: the whole territory of the Puglia Region along with 12 municipalities in the Campania Region. The Puglia Region is one of the most populated (~ 4 million people) and the second largest (19.358 km2) Italian “Optimal Territorial Ambit” – ATO, as defined by the laws regulating the water sector. AQP develops R&D activities, in partnership with other institutions, companies and Universities, in a wide range of subjects including novel treatment processes and implementation of management. In BioLubridge, AQP will allow the pilot plant to be installed and tested in a preliminary defined WWTP, giving a support in the characterization of sewage sludge.

CERATEC is a leading international company in the production of esters, refined natural oils, cosmetic raw materials, advanced biofuel and microalgae. CERACTEC has evolved through the years expanding its activities from the original production of natural and vegetable butters and waxes to the development, manufacture and marketing of a wide range of specialty materials. In LIFE-BioLubridge,

CERATEC will design, build, install and run the part of the pilot plant dedicated to the conversion of lipids into bio-lubricants (esters of 2-ethylhexanol).

FIOCHEM is a chemical company with expertise in designing and manufacturing Lube specialties for Industrial and Automotive applications. In BioLubridge, FIOCHEM will be in charge of testing biolubricants obtained from the pilot plant to find out a direct application and exploitation.

Logo Parodi

A&A Fratelli Parodi is a leader company in the production of vegetable-based products that find application in the cosmetic and industrial fields. In LIFE BioLubridge, it will manage the design and the building of the part of the pilot plant dedicated to the conversion of lipids into bio-lubricants


PROJECT TITLE: Biolubricants from urban sewage sludge
START DATE: 01/09/2021
END DATE: 31/08/2024
EU CONTRIBUTION: 1,352,049 Euro

With the contribution of the LIFE Programme of the European Union.
LIFE20 ENV/IT/000452